Patricia Angelina, C.M.T.
Rosen Method® Practitioner & Movement Teacher



Testimonials for Rosen Method® Bodywork & Massage

"I was pleasantly surprised that my very first Rosen session with Patricia was a success. She is a master of Rosen Bodywork, knows the structure of the body and immediately recognized the spots in my body which were holding in pain from past events. Each session for me has resulted in memories coming up and the release of emotional pain related to those memories. I know that Patricia Angelina studied directly under Marion Rosen, the originator of this wonderful body of work, and recommend her highly."
~Dottie Temby, MA, MFT

"Patricia Angelina has a very gentle and loving energy and I felt safe and very comfortable with her from our first session. I have suffered from chronic pain most of my life and was so elated to find that the Rosen Bodywork really helped to relieve my pain. As Patricia worked on my body I got relief from the pain and also was able to relieve my emotional pain. I have referred friends to Patricia for treatment because I believe in her."
~Rosie, Hypnotherapist and Gentle Exercise Instructor

"Massage with Patricia Angelina is a great experience. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing. She listens and is attentive to my particular health needs at every session. I would recommend massage therapy by Patricia to anyone, even my grandmother."
~T. Button

"I highly recommend Patricia Angelina as a safe and nurturing practitioner of Rosen Method® bodywork. She's helped me in a very compassionate and gentle way to process long-held emotions that were affecting my physical well-being. I feel much better, have less body pain, and stand much taller!"
~S. D.

"When I look in the mirror I hardly recognize the face looking back at me. I can see a softness and openness that shows on my face that I haven't seen since I was a child. The Rosen Method® Bodywork I've been doing with Patricia has allowed me to be in contact with the deeper, authentic me that I had been guarding and protecting my whole life. She has an ability to see me in a way that I had even lost sight of. The deep connection I felt first through Patricia's hands and heart showed me the way to feeling my own connection with myself. This bodywork has changed my life. I am grateful for the compassion and patience Patricia has had in my process of rediscovering the true me."
~D. M.

"I have been referring my patients to Patricia Angelina since 1990. Her demeanor and judgment are consistently professional, while her touch and techniques are profoundly healing and relaxing. The diversity of approaches in her massage work makes her the ideal therapist for my patient base who often suffer from multiple and widely varying conditions."
~ Lisa M. Stein, D.C.

"I am so impressed with Patricia's caring nature and healing touch that my month is not complete without a visit to her. In fact, I am so confident of Patricia's professionalism and skills that I frequently refer my clients to her and, on several occasions, we have even combined our techniques to work jointly with my clients."
~G. Barclay

"Patricia is someone very special. You can see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice, and feel it in her touch. Caring. Sensitive. Dedicated. She creates an environment and an experience where the rush of time seems to stand still -- a space where pressures evaporate. I have gone to Patricia once each week to take a break from an hectic, high tech, high stress week. And I go there to relieve tension and pain. I leave reconnected to my heart and much more in touch with what really matters"
~R. Pelton

"I've been receiving massage from Patricia for many years on a regular basis. I find it to be beneficial for therapeutic health reasons and also for enjoyment and relaxation. I experience Patricia as very caring and giving of individual attention."
~S. Lider

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